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Sharkman Is Among The Top Wedding Photographers in Malaysia. Specializing In Destination Wedding, Wedding Day, Lifestyle Photography, Family And Travel Photography.

My Name is SHARKMAN. People Always Ask Me Why Is There A “Shark” In My Name. My Starting Point Is Actually Very Simple, Just To Make Myself Easy To Remember, And This my BRANDING. I Was Born in Sitiawan, Perak. I Have Always Loved Painting, But The Conditions did Not Allow Me to Pursue it At That Time, So I Began To Work. Perhaps That’s Because I Am Unwilling To Be Ordinary, I Must Be Willing To Put In The Work That Ordinary People Are Not Willing To. By Coincidence, I Made My First Try To Take Photographs. Later, I Got Help From Friends, So That I Could Successfully Embark On The Path Of Photography. It’s Been 10 Years And I Still Love Photography. I Am Really Glad That I Have Found The Direction And Motivation Of My Life In This Career.
If You Have Ever Paid Noticed, You Will Find That Photography Is Indispensable In Our Life. The Record Left By Photography Allows Us To Witness The History, The Changes Of Things And Things, And Most Importantly, It Can Also Record The Current Throb And Beauty For The People Involved.

I’ve Always Thought My Grandfather Photographs Were Beautiful And Valuable. Time Is Gone Forever, We Can’t Back To The Past, But The Greatness Of Photography Leave Us A Moment Joys And Sorrows. So I like Photography, I Like To Capture The Interaction Between People, I Enjoy My Way To Help Them Kept The Indelible Memory. 


婚纱 幸福记录者


生活本身也许毫无任何意义,意义都是我们自己赋予给每一个日子的。人来这世间一趟,总归是要给生命留下一些美好的回忆。自从照相机被发明以来,照片等同于回忆 同时照片也是时间唯一的证据。你认同吗?











Have You Ever Wondered Why You Should Take Pre-Wedding Photos?


Perhaps Life itself may be meaningless because we are the one who would give meaning to our daily Life. When human come to this world, we always want to leave some good memories to our Life. Since the camera was invented, photographs are equivalent to memories and it’s also the only memory of time. Do you agree?


Youth period is so short, there are so many life experiences, love is so beautiful, and time is so long. When you get older, some memories may still vivid in your mind, but they will eventually become blurred.

Therefore, you should try your best to record the beautiful moments when you are still young. When you get old, seeing a few photos which representing “US” will pull yourself back to the past when both of you first met.


Life is so short, marriage is probably the longest persistence in Life, so it would be very lucky to have a pre-wedding photo with your love one.


Our mission is to snap each and every moment of happiness into a photograph.



每一场婚礼都是独一无二,你知道为什么吗?也许仪式都是一样的,布置也一样,婚纱大同小异,但 每一对夫妻是 The ONLY One Pair.


婚礼是人一生中最重要的仪式之一,也是一辈子唯一一次的结婚大事 ,不是在于它有多隆重 或是多华丽 而是有你有我 有大家的祝福


甜蜜的爱情经过两个人共同努力,磨合并走向下一个旅程碑。而 这场仪式需要永远的被记录下来


每一张照片记录的不仅仅是婚礼的过程 更多的是一份情感 和 一段回忆 把幸福的瞬间都定格在相片里。。。





Do you know why every Wedding is unique? Perhaps ceremonies are the same, decoration or layout is the same and the wedding dresses are similar, BUT each couple is The ONLY One Pair.


Wedding is one of the most important ceremony in a lifetime, it’s also the only marriage event in a lifetime, it’s not about how grand or gorgeous is the weddings, it’s all about you and me together with wishes from everyone.


Through the joint effort of two people, sweet love grind and move forward to the next journey monument and Wedding ceremony has to be recorded forever.


Every photograph not only records the wedding process but together with the emotion, feeling and memory, it also captured the moment of happiness into a photo.


Wedding Photographer is therefore the recorder of this ceremony…


Inspire us with your story, let us visualise for you…




听上去感觉很简单 其实 因为要凑齐一家人真的不容易!
谁要迁就谁?谁的工作可以放下?谁要花时间长途跋涉?每个都觉得自己最重要 但是
家 就是我们一起拼成的一幅画 少了谁 都不完整…

最后  有人来不及拍  有人等不到拍  不知道是谁错过了谁

它 代表着一个家族的传承

全家福的意义 是和谐圆满 





In Chinese, Family Portrait is “全家福: “全家” means “Family” and “福” means “Blessing” which carries the meaning that the whole family enjoys happy moment together. This surely is the happiest moment in life

So, how can we not keep a copy of this beautiful moment?

The charm of happiness is very strong and Family Portrait can actually give us a lot of power and energy so that we can cherish happiness more.

I wish that every family would have their own Family Portrait

It may sound simple, but in reality, it’s difficult to gather the whole family.

Who would want to accommodate? Who will be willing to put down the job on hand? Who will be willing to spend long hour journey? Everyone thinks that they are the most important person, but

Home, is just like a puzzle, it will be incomplete without one another

At last

Someone can’t make it

Someone can’t wait to take the shoot

Which family member will be left out?

Is Family Portrait really just a photo?

Of course not! As it actually represents the inheritance of a family


Family Portrait symbolised harmony and perfection

A harmonious family comes from a group of harmonious people

A harmonious family will create a harmonious society

A harmonious society will create a better world.


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