Being a wedding photographer in Malaysia for more than 10 years, we are thankful to stumble upon many amazing clients which we not call friends. Below are some encouraging words from our lovely couple. Thank you so much for all the support and taking your time to drop us a short reviews. It’s truly a blessing to be part of your special day. Best wishes always!

Mike Lau & Cathrine Leong

I like the service of the team. Had a fun shooting day with them without feeling tired as told by friends who done pre wedding shoot. I enjoyed that day a lot and highly recommend to friends if they are looking for photographer or pre wedding shoot! 

Ch’ng Wee Lern & Chee Sue Yin

Me and my husband are very happy that we have the privilege of having Sharkman be a part of our pre-wedding photoshoot. Each frame is carefully thought out to portray a story. Sharkman is a skilled and professional photographer on a different level. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Sharkman Photography team. Thank you for the lovely photos and wonderful experience.

Mike Kee & Callie Tai 

A photographer that use his heart to feel the story of each of the photo he took!
He not a photographer who simply take up camera and shoot all the way without feel the photo!Every Photo he shoot with the story behind it!
Glad to have him as my Actual wedding day photographer!
Highly recommended!! 

Jun Yen & Joanne Lee

We had our wedding dinner on Dec 16 and tea ceremony on Dec 17, 2017. ALL I could say is : Sharkman photographer team is FABULOUS.

I would say the Sharkman is not just a wedding photographer, he is also a wedding consultant. He helped us to arrange our tight wedding programmes (3 videos, 2 speeches from close friends, a dance, normal cake cutting and toasting moment & a dance) during our wedding night. He also gave us advices to plan the timing of tea ceremony day. My parents and brothers have been seeking from his advice from time to time.

Besides, the team exhibited great and positive attitude all the time despite the rush timing, lack of sleep and being hungry. I couldn’t thank more for the team constantly trying to capture perfect moment and I am excited to see the wedding photos and videos. Also, the team is quite flexible as I have requested them to take some raw videos of the gate-crashing moment, our dancing and speech from friends moment. They never ask for extra charges and all I could say is, GO FOR SHARKMAN PHOTOGRAPHY !


Nic Tew & Shi Wei 

Superb and excellent photography provided by sharkman and partner. Worth our effort engaging him for both our kl and penang wedding. He is creative, funny, friendly, passion and professional in his job. We really love his job so much. it will be our life time treasured memory and thanks for helping us documented our this memory.